Thursday, September 10, 2020

My girls

So a funny thing happened.  A few days ago I posted "To Marry a Preacher"  where I talked about my husband and what it's like to be married to a preacher.  For some reason that post had a bunch more views than any others lately.  A bunch!   Then, I realized that maybe my blogging friends are like my other friends and wanting to know what's going on with my adult girls.  :o)  Am I right?  Did I unintentionally fool you all into thinking my girls are marrying preachers?  

So I thought a little update on my girls is in order.  But, it will be a small update as I'm not sharing everything....that can be for another post at a later date ;o)

My Beth is 22 and my Brenna 21.  I have to say that they are amazing.  I am loving this phase of life with them.  Absolutely loving it!  Having adult daughters in the home is like living with your very best friends.  They bring so much joy and laughter to the Gimenez Home.  We love to be together and you can often find us working in the kitchen together, playing games, singing plenty, or just sitting in the living room talking about today, or yesterday or tomorrow.  It's a time that I am treasuring immensely.

 Ever since they were little girls I have taught Beth and Brenna to be patient for their "Prince Charming" and to be prepared for the day he would come riding on his white horse to whisk them away....well not exactly all the horse stuff, (although Beth would love that!) but I have taught them that they were created for someone.  God made them for the purpose of completing their prince charming and there is no greater joy than to fulfill His Will for their lives.  I'll be honest.  Some days they wonder when this will happen.  Since I was married at 18, they always pictured they would be married young too, but we've taught them that their story is different than anyone else's and it will be the very best love story!  

My Beth is diligent as our church secretary and is anxiously awaiting the day when our church building will be done and she can have her office.  For now she does her work in our back office/bedroom with Patrick and Josh.  She's also started learning sign language again and is loving it!  She is the nursery Sunday School teacher and also has a vital part in the music ministry of our church.  If you know my Beth you know she can be quite quiet, but just give her a microphone and let her sing and you'd never know she has a shy side!  My Beth also aspires to be an author.  She has many books in the works and  when her work is done  you can often find her at her desk with a candle lit doing research on her next scene.  I am so proud of her!

My Brenna is in her Junior/Senior year of college.  She had a small hiccup in her classes and somehow the guidance counselor overlooked her student teaching.  The path they had her on to graduate at the end of this schoolyear had to be changed, so she now plans to graduate Winter 2021.  That news was pretty upsetting to her, but she jumped back on her feet and is working hard at her elementary education degree.  She is also our 7-12 year old Sunday School teacher and does a fabulous job with those kiddos.  They love Miss Brenna! My Brenna is also the piano player at our church and her piano skills are amazing!  She had 2 weeks to learn the Bridal Chorus and all the accompanying wedding music for a wedding we recently had at church.  She did wonderful!  I am so proud of her!

So the other post wasn't about my girls.  Sorry if I fooled anyone....Although, I have to say, things may be on the horizon....but that is definitely for a different post. :o)

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  1. Your girls are so talented and lovely. They would make any young man a fantastic wife and help meet.