Sunday, September 6, 2020

To learn a new language

My sweet Beth has had a desire to learn sign language for a long time.  Several years ago she began watching some online videos of sign language and learned so much!  But, if you don't use a new language, you easily forget it.

Well, her and my Mom have the bug to learn it again.  They have been video chatting once a week and reviewing what they've learned.  I love watching Beth "talk" to her as the two of them laugh and practice.  Now, others in my family are wanting to learn as well.  She's even taught Patrick the Eagles fight song in sign language!

 My prayer is (and hers, too) is that God would open doors for her to be able to share the gospel with someone in sign language.  Hopefully one day VSIBC will be able to have a deaf ministry.  I'm so thankful for my sweet girl (I guess I should say lady!) that has a heart for the Lord and a heart for others!


  1. It's always nice to see someone making efforts to learn a new language. I can learn basics rather quickly but trying to retain it is quite another thing. It will be lovely when VSIBC has a deaf ministry.

  2. Yay! You can do it, Beth. I will pray that God will cross you path with a Deaf person so that you can use what you are learning. That is how BJ learned sign language and got better than me at it. He learned from the Deaf.

  3. An idea for finding Deaf in you area is to look up scheduled public Deaf get togethers. Sometimes they have spaghetti dinners and such for fellowship because the deaf LOVE fellowship. I know right now during Corona virus, it might not be happening or be feasible. But you can learn so much at one of those get togethers. And the Deaf help a lot when they know someone has a heart to learn.

    1. Jessi, I knew you would be excited about this post! :o) I will tell Beth about that! Great idea!