Saturday, September 12, 2020

Waiting for School

It's definitely time to start school!  The problem?  Abeka is experiencing a surge in popularity.  Some of the books we need are still being printed.  They don't expect our books to arrive for 3 more weeks.  Ouch!  That means starting school at the end of September, which is later than we've ever started.


As Momma, I'm trying not to stress about this.  Trying.  I can always tell when my kiddos need to start school, they get antsy, and start getting in trouble.  So, we are needing to be creative about filling our time for  September.

My Silas decided to build flags for countries out of legos.

I'm so proud of his creativity and desire to learn!

So we have 3 more weeks of summer.  Not planned, but we need to plan for it to be memorable, productive and fun!


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