Monday, September 28, 2020

A Late Start, But A Good Start

As a homeschool Momma, I like to get a good start on school.  My goal is to try and start a week or two before public school, that way we won't have to feel like we're always a little bit behind.  Well, this year it didn't quite go as planned.  When I ordered our books from Abeka, they let us know upfront that our shipping would be quite delayed compared to previous years.  They said that there is such a high demand for homeschool materials this year and that they are even having to print more of 3rd grade since they weren't anticipating such a high demand.  So, September 28th is very late for us.  But, we are ready and excited and looking forward to a GREAT school year!!

This year my Micah is in 3rd grade.  

Silas is officially a middle schooler and in 6th grade.  Wow!  He looks so grown up in these pictures!

 Callie is in 5th grade this year.

So it's a late start, but a great start!  So thankful for the opportunity to school my children from home!

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  1. It's good the books finally arrived and you can get started. The children seem ready :-)