Thursday, November 3, 2022

More prayers please?

It was a yummy meal.  One we have quite often.  I love tacos!  We sat around the table with some new members of VSIBC enjoying our time with them.  After the meal was done, it was time for their discipleship course that they had come to study with us.  It was then I felt a strange pain in my right side.  I excused myself from table and went to my room.  Within moments the pain was so strong.  I peaked out the door and asked for Patrick to come to the bedroom.  I told him with tears, "I need to go to the hospital.  Something is wrong."  He quickly explained to our guests what was going on and we got in the car.   As we left the driveway, I said, "Forget the hospital, take me to the fire department where they keep the ambulance!"  

I was in so much pain.  I couldn't breathe and then it went into my back.  When we arrived they  put me on a stretcher and attempted an IV.  It didn't work.  So we started driving.  I looked at the EMT worker in the back with me, held out my arm and said, (or screamed) "Please try again!"  Praise the Lord he was successful and able to get an IV in and give me pain meds.  Within 15 minutes the pain decreased.  I could breathe!  As we drove to the hospital I cried and cried.  

We spent the night and the next day in the ER.  The diagnosis? Gallbladder trouble.  Not fun.
I was referred to a surgeon and they got me in a couple of days later.  I've known I have gallstones for about 9 years.  But, they've never given me trouble.  The surgeon said that I have a very substantial gallstone that is 2-3 inches in size.  Because of this, my gallbladder must come out.

Surgery in scheduled for tomorrow.  I would appreciate so much your prayers!  They are hoping to be able to remove it laparoscopically, but the surgeon said he's just not sure.  He will try, but depending on the size and scar tissue, they may have to go in the old fashioned way with a large incision.  That means longer recovery and more pain.  Would you pray that they could remove it laparoscopically?
Thank you blogging friends.  I'm so thankful for you!



  1. So sorry to hear this...we are praying for you!! Blessings and love!!
    ~The Mayo Family

  2. Wow! So sorry to hear about your pain. Glad you could get to the hospital quickly. We are praying for you over here in Kenya!

  3. So sorry to hear this Kami. By now you will have had the surgery and I pray all went well. xx