Thursday, November 3, 2022

Our last Sunday at 18172

I posted not too long ago that our landlord has sold the building that VSIBC meets in.  We had 60 days to vacate.  We looked and looked for another location.  Being in a small rural community, there are not a whole lot of available places to meet.  When we had 28 days left, two plaza units opened up.  We were so excited!!  We have been working alongside most of the sweet, faithful people of VSIBC to get it ready for our first service on November 6th.  The building was divided into offices so we had to remove walls, build new ones, paint, trim, carpet....a total renovation.   

This past Sunday was our last Sunday in our building. It was 7 and a half years ago that God showed us this place to meet in.  Sooooo many memories have taken place here!  Salvations, Baptisms, Decisions's been amazing to be able to watch God work!

On our last Sunday we were packed, as usual.  There was an excitement in the air, as well as some nostalgic sadness.  Some have met their spouse in this building.  Some have gotten married in this building.  Some were saved in this very place.

But, it's just that.  A place.  Church is the people, not the building.  So, even though we are moving locations, the church is still going strong and growing for the Lord!  So thankful I get to be a part of VSIBC!


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