Sunday, September 13, 2009

GameTime Family Fun Night

For this past Friday's Family Fun Night we all wrote down our favorite family game on a piece of paper, then we folded it up and put it in front of Silas. The first one he picked is the game we played. He picked Beth's paper and she had written down the dice game. Some people call it Zilch. We had a hearty competition, but Beth won! Then, we picked another paper. Patrick's was picked, and guess what is said??....The Dice Game! Since we already played it, Patrick wanted to try to recreate a game he saw a commercial for. We got out our scrabble tiles and everyone got 12 tiles. Then, with the rest of the tiles we formed 2 4-letter words. Then, at the same time everyone put tiles over the tiles to form words. It was a lot of fun! We laughed over the words we came up with!

We also played a couple of computer math games. We're trying to get quicker on our multiplication and division. We found a great sight! Here's the link Cool math 4 kids .com - Online Math Games . I think Patrick and Josh are loving the Coffee Shop game.
Then, for dinner we had Pulled BBQ Pork, Baked Beans and Brenna's Coleslaw. Brenna has become an expert Coleslaw Maker...the best I've ever had! And, we had Chapman's Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable Family Fun Night!

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  1. supper looks great and the game night sounds so fun!! We use to play "upwords", it sounds sort of like Patrick's game.