Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ribs and a Movie Family Fun Night

*Warning...Your mouth may water!!*

Patrick found a terrific deal at our grocery store, Maxi on Ribs. We were able to get 3 packs of ribs for $15! Since, we love BBQ Ribs, we decided to feast on them for family fun night. ( By the way, we had so much leftover, we had some for lunch today and still have some left in the fridge!) Patrick slow- cooked the ribs for several hours, then broiled them until they were slighty crisp. Oh, they were so good! Then, we voted on which dessert to have. We chose this one, Lovely Cherry Layer Cake. I ripped this recipe out of Taste of Home magazine several years ago, and have never tried it. Wow! Why did we wait so long? It has a homemade buttercream frosting. In between the layers of white cake was a cherry chocolate cannoli filling. Since it was a full size cake, we gave away a large portion to our upstairs neighbor, Gabe. He liked it, too!

Last week, we noticed how Silas loves to watch football on TV. Beth found the Toy Story DVD and said Silas would love to watch it! It's been a while since we've watched a movie, so we decided to do a movie night with Popcorn. Silas loved Toy Story...for the first 5 minutes, then he just played with his toys on the floor. Oh well, he'll love movies eventually. The rest of us enjoyed his movie for him! Then, I got so sleepy! Usually that is my first symptom of being pregnant, being tired! Well, it's starting to hit me now! I guess I really am going to have another baby! :o)


  1. The ribs look delicious, and the cake . . . oh, how I love sweets! LOL

    I'm not pregnant, but I get SO sleepy when we're watching a movie. I don't think I've made it through an entire movie in several years.

  2. MMMMMM looks delicious. Beth looks so much like Josh. So cute. I remember when Travis Jonathan and Isaiah could recite the first 30 minutes of Toy Story. And the funny thing is that they each would say different lines. How did they know what the other ones were going to say?? Brothers. I loved it.
    I love you Family Fun Nites too.