Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Language School

Our first "official" day of Language School was yesterday. Class went great! Our professor is Madame Plant. She is a retired Language Professor from Laval University here in Quebec. We have private classes in her home Tuesday through Friday. She's very gracious to let us bring our four children with us! We brought Silas's pack and play and it works out very well that our class is during part of his nap. Yesterday and today he took a good nap and I was able to stay completely focused on French class. JEB worked on their school Paces at her kitchen table. Today, she even had a basket of cookies for them to snack on during school.
I really like Madame Plant's teaching style. I seemed to "click" with her right away. She speaks to us mostly in french. At times, we stare at her with blank looks, but, for the most part we are really learning to pick up our french by her speaking to us completely in french. She uses many different aspects in her teaching. We have oral dictation, oral workbook pages, internet games, and translating current events. She's really training our ear, and making us form sentences. Very difficult! But, this is exactly what we need. She also had us pick a passage in the Bible that we will be working on translating and some other things with.
The Lord had His guiding hand on us when He brought us to Quebec and gave us such a good teacher. He is "ordering our steps" and we are so thankful!

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  1. Oh, it sounds so good! I am glad you can take the kids with you and they can do their work there. :) Little Silas is going to be bilingual from the get-go, isn't he? :)