Friday, April 30, 2010

Cutting Some Strings

Well, today was the day to cut some (only some!) apron strings for me. (Where did we get that expression from anyway?) Josh left this morning for Nova Scotia for the Youth Conference. Yesterday we spent time packing and buying snacks and preparing Josh for his first time to fly alone. He had such a hard time sleeping last night, he was so excited! (Not to mention Beth filled Silas's cup with Sweet Tea for dinner, so Silas sort of kept all of us up way too late last night!) This morning we got up a little after 5 and I made one of Josh's favorite breakfasts, Chocolate Chip Waffles. This is him at the airport, it was a little bright outside, so you can't really see his face! When we woke up the sun was already shining! Wow! The sun comes up so early in the east! On the way to the airport he asked Patrick to go through the flying process one more time. He covered everything from security to baggage claim....Josh was well prepared! We also bought him a calling card for him to use when needed. He called us when he arrived at his layover in Montreal, then called us when he arrived in Halifax. (Doesn't that just make you think of Anne of Green Gables! Halifax!)
They have services tonight, then they can play Football or Soccer tonight at the fieldhouse. He can't wait to play some football. Tomorrow they have 3 preaching sessions. For Christmas Josh asked if he could get a book on how to disprove Evolution and prove Creation. He really wants to learn his stuff on that topic. God is so good to him! He just did a PACE in ACE on Creation/Evolution, then he wrote a fabulous paper on the subject. (I told him he needs to post it on his blog) Now, we found out that on the Saturday of the YOuth Conference they are having a Creation Seminar! Isn't that so neat! God is so good to give us the desires of our heart!
We've been praying for Joshua to have a great, safe time and for the Lord to work on his heart during the preaching. I can't wait until Monday when he can tell us all about his trip!
(And so I can feel like my heart is back in one piece again!)

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