Monday, April 5, 2010

My Take on Football

*WARNING IN ADVANCE!* This post is the result of a rambling, emotional, 8 month pregnant woman. So, if you're not in the mood for that kind of reading, you might want to skip this post! :o)

When I first met Patrick it didn't take very long for me to realize that he LOVES football. He invited me over one Monday night to watch his favorite team, The Philadelphia Eagles, play. He loved watching Randall Cunningham. To be honest, I didnt have much of an idea of what was going on. I knew we were cheering for the green team! In High School my favorite sport was basketball. I loved it and loved watching a good game (especially when my sister was playing). So, football was a little foreign to me.
When we got married I realized that during football season I could find a hobby of my own and not see my hubby on Monday nights, Sunday afternoons, sometimes Thursdays, or other times he could get updates on football, or I could join in on the fun! I decided I wanted me and Patrick to do as much together as possible. I wanted to be his best friend and football buddy! So, I prepared the coolest Football Food I could think of (although all my work on stuff like football subs where I made all the meatballs look like footballs with the help of mayo was actually not noticed during an exciting football game!), wore lots of green, sometimes even made posters, and sat down and watched games with my hubby. I quickly realized I had no clue the rules of football. Patrick began to teach me and I asked lots of questions (and I learned never to ask "What's that guy doing? at a critical time in the game!) and soon I began to understand and love football. I even bought the book Football for Dummies and tried to understand all of the rules.
We've been able to go to 2 games, one in New Orleans and one in Dallas. We loved it!

Usually for Christmas or birthdays, someone will end up with football or Eagles stuff.

So, not only is my dear husband an Eagles and Football fan, now I am too. I've been watching with him for over 15 years. We've seen our team do amazing and make it to the Super Bowl and we've also seen our team do horrible, too. I thought I was a real football fan like Patrick and that we enjoyed this sport together.....until last night.....

For many years there have been 3 "anchors" on our team. Dawkins, Westbrook, and McNabb. Last year we traded Dawkins. I couldn't understand it and to be honest I was a little heartbroken. Then, during the off season this year we released Westbrook. I know he's been hurt, but the poor guy! Then, last night Patrick wanted to get an update on his Eagles, so we checked the Philadelphia Eagles. com and the lead story is that we traded Donovan McNabb. He's playing for the Redskins now! Oh boy, the emotions started to flow and I began to cry. How silly is that! For 11 years we've had Donovan McNabb play quarterback for us!
Then, I realized, I don't like football for the hard hits, the scores, the GAME! I like this game for other reasons....girly reasons. I like the stories of the players and their families(like when Dawkins and his wife had twins, then McNabb and his wife had twins, too!) I like the controversies, (like when Terrell Owens was so mouthy and I wanted him off our team!) I like the excitement of decorating and cheering for my team. But, most of all, I like sharing football with my husband. Anything that brings me closer to him is what I like.
So, for now, I'm disappointed my Eagles team is changing. I'll miss the old players, but I'll still keep liking the Eagles and be ready with Football/Meatball subs, green decos and lots of posters when the season kicks off!


  1. Ok, my hat is off to you, Kami! LOL You're a wonderful wife to do all this for your husband . . . but then I totally understand the "girly" reasons for watching the games! ;) And I'm thinkin' I'm glad my honey's not a football fan! LOL

  2. you are such a good wife :)