Thursday, April 22, 2010

One of those moments

I know I've posted many times before about the verse in the Bible that talks about life being as a vapor. As my children grow older and older, and as I get older and older :o( I'm shocked at how quickly time passes. Last night, on the way home from church I turned around and I almost didn't recognize my Joshua. When did he get so tall? When did his voice change to be so deep? When did he start looking more like a man, and less like a little boy? Where has the time gone? I was tucking him in lastnight (I love it that he still wants me to tuck him in everynight) and I realized he will be 14 in two short months. 14! My baby! As I sang to him, I thought of the time when I had the joy of carrying him in my womb and I sang to him the same song I sing to him now. I often look back at different times in my life and wonder, "Did I really enoy it?" I know I did, but now that I'm in the older bracket of mothers (I can't believe I'm admitting that! Although, I'm really in the middle bracket!) I want to make sure and enjoy my time and the moments God has given me with my children. Thank you, Lord for these precious moments.

This afternoon, while JEB were outside enoying our 40 degree weather, Patrick was cleaning the lawn chairs and doing other yardwork, Silas fell asleep on my bed. My midwife said I need to be resting a whole lot more than what I am now, so I was going to take a nap, too. But, as I lay there I found myself staring at my baby Silas. Did I have or make time to stare at my other 3 this way? I looked at the orange marker line on his forehead, the leftover chocolate cookie on his cheek and white shirt (Ugh, white and chocolate don't mix!) And I thought about how perfect and peaceful he looked. I enjoyed the moments to just stare at my sweet baby. But, are all moments sweet like this in motherhood? Do baby's stay so sweet and innocent and loving?.....hhhhmmm, after today, I think not. This is how I found my Johsua during my time to get my french homework done. Did I say he was becoming a man? Well, maybe not. There's still a little boy inside there, that acts crazy, and really doesn't think before he jumps into something. Why is he climbing out the bathroom window?....don't know. But, I know why he's stuck there.......
I think Brenna was using this as payback time. She held him in place for quite a while! That's one smart girl, if you ask me! ;o)

So, even though my boy is growing up, I think he'll always be like me and Patrick with plenty of "kid" left in him!

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