Thursday, July 15, 2010

Learning this language!

It's been a while since I've given an update on our language studies. Learning a new language is definitely a roller coaster ride. There are so many ups and downs. Some days go very well, others I can hardly speak. I told someone at church the other night that Silas is 17 years old. (He's 17 months) It's frustrating when you make mistakes on the simplest things that you know! The other day I called Estelle and told her "I need my help" Instead of I need your help. Big difference! I'm so thankful for friends that can laugh with me, about my mistakes, but not at me. You know what I'm talking about? God has put people in our life to encourage us and help us in our language studies and I'm so very thankful.

Speaking of Estelle, she has been coming to our house once a week to teach the kids french. (She lives 45 minutes away! That's one way!) The children are really enjoying their time with her. They laugh and joke with one another during the whole class, yet they are learning. She starts them off with quoting the books of the Bible. Did you know that they are different in French? For instance, James is Jacques and Revelation is Apocolypse. Then they read 2 chapters in the Bible out loud. Then, sing some hymns, then she has worksheets for them and verb studies. They are doing very well. We asked her to stay for dinner after class and we had her use the "Special" plate. She deserves it! Our classes with Madame Claire are also going very well. Last week Patrick needed to finish writing his french message, so I went to class alone. Joshua went too and worked on his model at her table. After class he asked me if we got any studying done. All he could hear was laughing. I have so much fun with Madame Claire. She's such an excellent teacher. I'm starting to be able to converse with her more. Not a planned, let me tell her what I did yesterday type conversation, but REAL TALKING! Yay!!!

Tomorrow is our last class for 2 weeks. Madame Claire is going on a vacation to Cuba. So, we have lots of fun summer plans, too. I see some picnics in our future! :o)And maybe some quilting! ;o) When she returns I'm going to start having my own class once a week. That way we can just talk, talk, talk. That's definitely my next step in learning this language!

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