Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Brenna...11 years old!

Wow! My sweet baby Brenna is now 11. She sure is growing up and I'm so proud of her. Brenna is such a sweetie, with a fun and loving personality.
For the next picture I told her to not smile, but do a serious pose. This is what I got.... :o)

We had a great time celebrating Brenna's birthday today. After class we packed a picnic lunch and went to a new park. It was a nice spot and very hot!

Josh made St. Thomas pat├ęs for the picnic. Bless his heart, he worked hard in the hot kitchen. They were excellent!

This year Brenna didn't want a cake. She asked me to bake 2 apple pies...one for her and one for the rest of the family.

Then, we surprised Brenna and told her she's going to have some special time with "Momma" (that's me!) She was so excited! She looked at me and said, "Without the babies?! I was excited that she wanted to be with just me, but sad as I realized we don't spend much time together just the two of us. But, praise the Lord, we have such a good time when we are together. I took her to the mall and we went ice skating. This is something she's wanted to do since we moved here. She's never been ice skating. I joked with her that she was married to the wall, because she hung on so tight! I'm not exaggerating, but it took us 30 minutes to go around once. Once! Wow! The second time around it took 7 minutes. She was really improving and we giggled so much.
I love my time with my girl and I'm so glad we're so close. God is so good to me!
Happy Birthday, Brenna!


  1. Happy Birthday Brenna!!!
    Looks like you had a fantastic Birthday. Wish I could've been there....especially when you ate youf very own pie. :-)
    Glad she got to have some alone time with you, I know that must have been special.

  2. Happy Birthday to Brenna! I know she enjoyed time with just her and Mama!