Friday, July 9, 2010

What do you do on a hot day?

We've had some pretty hot temps here in Quebec lately. Now, yes, I know it's not as hot as in Florida, but it's definitely unusually warm for here in Canada. The other day my Dad said it was hotter here than in Florida! Wow! Our house has been pretty warm too, since most homes in Quebec don't have A/C. We've spent a lot of time outside, where it's a little cooler. Silas has fallen in love with his blow up pool. (I think Josh, Elisabeth, and Brenna has too!)

The water from our faucet is so wonderfully cold! I love it!
I think Brenna is also loving her role as older sibling. You do know what that means? You get to aggravate the younger one...just a little. I think Silas didn't mind one bit!

Now, it's time for lots of laundry! Why must my kiddos where their socks outside?
Praise the Lord for little ones from God that I get to do laundry for...oh, that's right, Patrick has taken over that chore! I'll be thankful for him! :o)


  1. This looks and sounds just like at my house. This is exactly what the grand kids do on a hot day. They did it just today! Gail

  2. It's been unusually hot here the past few days, and most people in Vancouver don't have AC either. So we've just sweltered. Today has been better, praise the Lord!