Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bible Study Lunch

The Lord has let me be able to have a special ministry here in St. Barths. You know how I love to cook, right? Well, every Sunday after our Bible Study we all have lunch together. The above photo is a day we had soup and sandwhiches. I made Avocado soup and I am in love! (I've been craving Avocado just a little)

During our "Missions Awareness" month I made an Indian dish to go along with the theme of India.

Spaghetti! And I'm lovin' those huge meatballs!

I love having people around my table. Thank you, Lord, for letting me serve!


  1. Beautiful! I felt a whole lot better after reading the whole thing! I thought you fixed lunch like that every day and I was thinking..oh wow..it's fend for yourself around here on school days...lol...see you soon! Hope and pray you are all feeling better.

  2. I like to cook as well.It's really fun.I like to bake.

  3. Those dishes look wonderful!