Saturday, October 29, 2011

A little fun to breakfast

It was going to be one of those "Let's have a great school day by getting a lot done!" kind of days. So, what better way than to start with chocolate chip pancakes! To make them a little more special, I decided to make the letter of each of the kiddos out of chocolate chips.

Of course, One of my chocolate-lovin'-kiddos was caught stealing the chips!!

At least she shared! I just hoped I had enough to finish the rest of the letters!

Can you see the J,E,B,S &C? I felt bad for Josh's pancake getting a little well done....I had to have proof of the chocolate stealing thieves!


  1. Neat idea. Can you get choco chips there, or did you bring them with you? By the way, I love your header with all the pictures across the top. It looks really nice.

  2. Yes, Jessi, we can! (most of the time) They always carry the french version, which is a little different. But I found Hershey's mini chips! I was very excited! I'm glad you like the header. My sister taught me that. Love my techy sisters!