Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to eat a "Kenep"

We have enjoyed *mostly* eating and sampling the exotic fruits of the Caribbean. There are several that Patrick has memories of eating while growing up in the islands. One of them that he couldn't wait for us to try is the Kenep.

Although there are several spellings and names of this fruit throughout the caribbean, we have come to call it a Kenep. Brenna is in love with them! The juicy inside stains very badly, and even though she tries to be careful, she's stained a few of her shirts. HHhhhmmm, I guess that's life when you're in love with a fruit like a Kenep!

They are a little tricky to eat, so Brenna gave me a good demonstration!

1. Sink your teeth into the hard outer shell to make a crack.

2. Squeeze the peel so that the fruit and seed pop right into your mouth.

3. While the fruit is still in your mouth, try to get off every bit of fruit from the big old seed. It does take some work! When you're done....Don't eat the seed!

Voila! You've eaten a go eat 30 more until you're satisfied!

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  1. I think I had those when I went to Barbados. Brenna can eat all that she wants, they were not my fav. But maybe I didn't know exactly how to eat them. Now that she has given a demonstration on the right way to eat them I might enjoy them more. Can't wait to try them again with her!