Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Bus Route

In almost every place we have lived, God has let me work on a bus route. I love it! We had a route we worked together in Carthage, Missouri where we had a high day of 99. Patrick was the Bus director when we were on staff in Hattiesburg, and I was one of the captains. Then, we started a bus route when we lived in Lehigh. So, the bus ministry has a special place in our hearts. We know it works! Even though I don't have an actual bus (yet! :o) God is letting me use our car/van/suv (I still don't know what to call our vehicle!) to pick up people for church. I usually have 4 that I pick up every Sunday to come to our Bible Study. Silas is my helper and always rides with me. I love my time on Sundays when I pick up the dear people we have coming. We laugh and talk, and I get great practice on my french! Thank you Lord for opening doors for me! Now, I've maxed out the space in our vehicle. I'm praying for a van! (or a St. Barths style school bus!)

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  1. I'm liking the St. Barths style school bus! Let's pray for that kind! :)