Monday, November 7, 2011

A Great Visit

If you know me very well, or have read my blog much, you know I have fabulous parents! I love 'em to pieces! I was so thrilled when they told us they bought tickets to come visit us! Yay! We all counted down the days and prepared and were so excited!

We tried to fit in as much as possible in the 6 days they were there. We were busy, busy, busy, but they also experienced everyday life with us.

Dad fell in love with the bread from our bakery around the corner. It became his daily spot.

Of course, Dad bought donuts for his's a tradition! Although they were a little different than Dunkin Donuts!

What a wonderful Grandpa my Dad is. Silas had to show him his train set and Dad just plopped on the floor with him and played.

We were excited to have my parents there for our services on Sunday. Here we are singing the BIBLE. We always have "American Sunday School" before I start picking up our ladies for church.

Magic tricks from Josh and I'm sure some jokes, too.

We bought some ribs in St. Martin to have special while Mom and Dad were there. Patrick makes excellent ribs!!

Touring the island. This picture is taken from Colombier.

Tea party time with Grandma (another tradition) As I loaded these pictures I told Mom I am so sorry there isn't all that many pictures with her in it! She was usually the photographer behind the camera. I think it's also the life of a mother and grandmother. But, my Mom is a thoughtful and fun Grandmother. My kiddos absolutely adore her!

In this picture they look like they are sizing each other up!

Mom and Dad had a really great time, although I know it was a little different for them. It was the longest they'd ever gone without driving a car, reading a newspaper, watching the TV (especially the news!), checking emails and internet, and using the phone freely....oh and having real milk, too!

My parents wanted to take us out to a nice restaurant for dinner. To say the least, St. Barths is extremely expensive. Patrick and I tried to talk them out of it, but they insisted. We gathered menus from different places and looked at the setting of the place. It was soooo much fun! Dad wanted a place with a view. We found a place with a view and with a menu that had stuff that would please us all. Then, we studied and reviewed the menu to decide what we wanted to eat. We were a little excited! I think we memorized the menu!

It was a gorgeous night, the weather was perfect and there was a nice breeze that flowed throughout the restaurant.

The food was amazing and we made so many memories.

Gorgeous food! Josh ordered duck and it was amazing!

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for coming. You spoiled us all week long. You played with the kids, you talked and laughed with me and Patrick, and most of all you were truly interested and excited to see everything about the place that the Lord has called us to. That meant so much to us! We love you both and can't wait until the next visit!


  1. This post made me even more excited for when my parents come to visit us here in South Africa next year.

  2. I'm so glad you all had fun!! They are great parents aren't they!! I do love how Dad gets on the ground to play with the kids. Logan and Chloe LOVE when he does that!

  3. We had so much FUN!!! We loved the island and getting to see exactly how you live and the Sunday Services were Great! Loved the tours you took us on and the beaches were gorgeous. Dinner on the water was so relaxing. I don't think we left a morsel of food on the table. :-) Can't wait till we come again.

  4. this just made me cry. I'm so happy your parents got to come visit you and see where you live. It makes it a little easier on the ones we leave behind. We have the easy job. It's fun and exciting like and adventure for us. I feel so sorry for the Grandparents some times. Maria