Friday, November 4, 2011

Tour my home...the inside

Welcome to the Tour of my home! Now, for the inside!

Once you step in our back door you will see a small hallway. To the left is the bathroom, to the right the kids room and straight ahead is our living room. See our keyboard right in the way? Yes, it sort of blocks the path, but it works for us!

To the left is our bathroom. It is huge! It's probably the biggest I've ever had. The girls and I can easily get ready all together. Bathtubs aren't something you usually find in St. Barths, so we have the traditional shower. For Silas and Callie we use a baby tub that they each take their baths in inside the shower.

Here is our living room. As you can see we love books and have stored them as many places we can fit them. Our living room has lots of natural light. We love our rug and the fact that our kids have room to play on it. I've also been collecting photos of mine and Patrick's family as children. I love black and white photos! And I love being able to point out our heritage to my kiddos.

This is the entertainment center (it came with the house) It offers lots of storage for our games and books. And of course to the right is my sewing area! Love that we were able to fit this in! See the almost invisible line going from the entertainment center to the wall? It's our rainy day clothesline. We have several throughout the house!

Then to the left of the living room is our dining/kitchen area. Our dining room is small, but we can all have a nice cozy meal around the table together. Don't you just love my pantry? I do!

Our kitchen is known as an "American Kitchen." Not sure what they mean by that, but I love how big it is and how much counter top space I have! Several of us can be in the kitchen to help prepare meals. Do you notice how tiny our stove is? It's cute! Another thing I love is our plastic wrap/aluminum foil/paper towel holder next to the window. I've seen a lot of these here and can't figure out why more homes in the states don't have them.

Another view of my kitchen. We have lots of space above the cabinets. For some reason we have airsoft remote controlled tanks stored there....hhhhmmm, I need to find a new space for those!

My kiddos room...yes all 5 fit in there! The room is about a 10' x10', but the Lord has blessed us with 2 bunk beds and lots of ideas for space! We found that if we line up the bunk beds this way, then the kids have a little more room in front of the toy box to play....that's where we keep all the Little People! It's hard to tell, but there is a bookcase in the corner, and everyone has their own shelves. Then, Josh had the idea of building a desk that attatches to the bookcase so he has a private place to do school. They have each enjoyed making their own "space" by their beds. Patrick put up shelves by the beds for each of them that is off limits to their siblings. They like putting up pictures and posters and lots of personal stuff.

This is the girls side of the room. For now Callie sleeps in the port-a-crib. We have a few ideas of how we will fit another bed once the baby comes...but we have some time before we figure out what we will do.

And the last room is mine and Patrick's room. The door is right off the living room. I've tried to make this less of a storage room and more of a romantic spot. I still have work to do. I've tried to take the advice of not having any of the kids pictures or family pictures in our "romantic spot." So, I've displayed lots of just Patrick and I, from before we were married until recently.

Although, I do have to admit I don't find the Philadelphia Eagles all that romantic, but I know my man does! This is also the room we store everyones clothes. We have a built in Armoire/Closet with shelving on the sides, and then another one that is not built in. It works very well for us. This is also where we have Patrick's desk.

I love my home and am looking forward to some upcoming projects to make my home even more homey! Thank you, Lord!


  1. You have a beautiful home, Kami! I have a little rocker in my living room just exactly like yours. It was mine at my Grandma's house when I was little, and now it's waiting for my grandchildren! ;) In the meantime, it's being used by our church children when they come over.

    Your kitchen is great! I noticed all the tile floors. That was what my mother-in-law had such a hard time keeping up with in Jamaica.

  2. I love it, Kami! Looks so cozy and like a great place for rearing those wonderful children of yours. I can just "hear" the wonderful laughter going on inside those walls each day!

  3. Great tour! I love how you make the best of small spaces. Amazing that you can fit 5 kids in one room and still make it look that roomy! Love your kitchen. How is the pregnancy going, and how far along are you now?

  4. Thanks for sharing and linking up. I love your kitchen!

  5. What a beautiful kitchen! I'm married to a Philadelphia Eagles fan as well :-)