Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tour My Home... The outside

I'm so thankful for the beautiful home the Lord has let us rent. If you read many of my posts in February of this year, this was a true time of testing and trusting for me. The Lord truly provided the perfect place for us! So, I thought I would give you a tour of my home!

We live in a style of home that is true to St. Barths. You find most places with a huge porch like ours and the trim and columns are very common. The colors of houses are the best here! I love it!

From the front gate (past the opening for the driveway) you can walk right up to the porch.

To the left side of the porch is a great eating area. We've had many meals out here, including one of our Bible Study meals. We can all sit comfortably around the table and since it gets dark earlier here, it's a more cool spot to enjoy our dinner.

The right side of the porch is a sitting area and Silas's workbench. Silas and Callie loooove to play out here!

From the road the first thing you will see is our driveway. We have a nice white fence all on the front side of the property which offers lots of privacy since we are right next to the road. (After our driveway you will find the gate to the front walkway)

As you drive in on the right side we have our playhouse, hammock and swing. Our landlord has lots of tropical trees and plants planted all throughout the yard. I love plants! But, keeping them alive has never been my strong point. So far, though, they're taking care of themselves!

This is a picture of the left side. We have a side door to the house.

Our laundry line....which is always full (rain or shine :o) My sweet hubby has been keeping up with chore for me. I never seem to time it right! The cement wall and fence behind the laundry is the end of our property line.

Our laundry room on the left and on the right is a storage place for our Christmas decorations and Patrick's tools.

Our back door (which is the door we always use.) Bienvenue chez Gimenez!

Hope you enjoyed! Next post we'll venture beyond our back door and see what the inside of our home looks like.

Thank you to my fellow missionary and friend, Jolene, for the idea of giving you a tour! She has an amazing blog and gives so much encouragement! We love the Sloan family!


  1. Thanks for posting! It is beautiful! I love home tours, and it is a special blessing to see how the Lord provides for His own in such a wonderful way! Looking forward to part 2!

  2. I love to see others' homes too, especially those living in other countries. You have a beautiful yard and front porch. Sitting out there to eat would be a treat!

  3. Oh, how fun! I was reading right along, enjoying the reading and pictures and then... my name!!! Thanks so much for mentioning me. That was super sweet of you! We really do love you guys too, and really, really look forrward to the day we can meet in person. :-)