Monday, November 14, 2011

"You have all your papers"

These are words that we haven't heard yet in the process of our least not on the first try! But, that's exactly what I heard last Wednesday at the French Consulate! Yay! Denise kept the kids for me, and Mom and I drove to Miami for the day to turn in my paperwork. As I waited for name to be called, it was interesting hearing all the different stories as to why people needed a visa. There were none quite like mine. But, it was actually pretty easy. I told him that my husband is french and I want to go and live with him in St. Barths. The man smiled, and began my paperwork. It was sheer bliss for me.

He said the process usually takes about 10 days for France to approve a Long-Term Visa, but he wrote down that I needed it in 6 days. So, we shall see when it will come in!

After my appointment, Mom and I went out to a great Mexican restaurant, then did some Christmas Shopping before heading back to Fort Myers for church that night. It was a great day!


  1. What a blessing! I will pray that you receive your visa in 6 days. It is always fun to see God answer specific prayers.