Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time to go!

Praise the Lord, My Visa arrived! Yay! I've had a great time with my parents, sisters, nieces and nephews, brother-in-laws, and church family, too. God has been so good to give me this time. But, even though saying Good-bye is never fun, being with Patrick, Josh, and Brenna is my heart's desire. My parents always taught me that once I'm married and out of the house I will always be welcome...for a visit :o) My place is with my husband and children. I'm thankful that they've instilled within me a sense of knowing my place. I heard my niece, Emily, telling a friend today that "Grandma and Grandpa's house is like a gathering place, we all just end up here!" It's so true, and I've had so much time living daily life with all my family

In the morning Elisabeth, Silas, Callie and I will leave for Miami at 5:30. Yikes, that's early! We should arrive in St. Barths by tomorrow night around 7:30. Long day, but definitely worth it! Please pray for safe travels for us, but most of all, Thank the Lord for working out all the details for us. He's so good to us!


  1. I love that picture of you all!Praying for you today.Glad you are going home to be with your family.One of these days..amidst the business of life..maybe we will get to sit down and,I might just have to write you and ask all the questions I've been wanting to ask you.really lol..Have a wonderful reunion with your precious family!1

  2. I'm visiting new blogs today for the first time, so i also thought id wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your readers. And i hope that the day is spent generating positive memories for years to come. Richard from Amish Stories.