Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Disadvantage

I guess my Callie has acclimated pretty well to the French culture.  There are some disadvantages to that though.  Like this:

 As I was loading groceries and hadn't buckled in my Callie yet, I noticed she was pretty quiet.   I wonder why?  She was eating our bread!  She loves the soft inside and she loves to have some fresh bread on the way home from the store!

 The advantages?  I love shopping with my little girl!  She loves to hop up every step.  Then hop down. She loves to talk about all the pretty sights and foods.  She smiles at me as we wait in line at the Post Office.  She usually holds my hand pretty well.  If she lets go then I know she has found a spot that she thinks would be fun to hide in. Then, she practices her french in the car ride. She giggles.  A lot!  She loves to have the window down and the wind blowing her hair.  And she loves to help me pick out vegetables and carry the cheese around the store for  me.  Today she picked out to have Orange juice.  In my mind I wondered if she was really meaning the color of juice and not the fruit.  Orange is what we bought!
 So now I need to figure out what to do with those crusts of bread.  Chickens maybe? :o)