Friday, February 15, 2013

For Christmas this year, Denise sent money for Me, Patrick and our three oldest children to be able to go out to eat.  What a treat!  That doesn't happen very often here in St. Barths!  We had so much fun discussing where to go and taking a vote.  We did our research!  We finally decided to go to Chez Eddys.  Patrick and I went there last year and loved it and kept saying how much our kids would love it, too!

 So, last Monday was the night!  First stop, Mariane and Georges house.  They so sweetly offered to watch Silas, Callie, and Micah.  S, C and M had fun playing CandyLand, eating lots of goodies and just having a great time with Mariane and Georges!
 Our dinner was wonderful.  The restaurant opened at 7pm and we were one of the firsts there.  We ordered an appetizer of Fish Fritters that was soooo amazing!  There were 9 of them.  I was thankful there wasn't a fist fight for the 4 extra, they were that good!  (Patrick and I split one, and JEB each got a second)  (What good parents we are! :o)
After having some bread and Coke they brought our food.  The menu is pretty limited, but it was not your ordinary Steak/Baked Potato type of place.  It was so fun!

Here's what we ordered:
Patrick: Filet of Beef with a Peppercorn sauce
Joshua and Brenna: Coconut Curry Shrimp
Kami: Chinese Noodles with Beef and Shrimp
Elisabeth: Curry Chicken

Everyone's meals (except mine) came with a sweet potato type dish, white rice, plantains, and mixed veggies.  Everything was so delicious!

Afterward we went and walked around the harbor of Gustavia.  It was such a windy night that I actually wished I had a sweater.  That's never happened here!

What a fun memory!  Thanks so much, Denise! We loved it!


  1. It looks like a lovely restaurant, and busy too! Glad you enjoyed your night out.

  2. Mmmmm looks delicious!!! Great gift!!