Sunday, February 10, 2013

My File is Closed

Last week was that time again...time to work on my Visa.  Again.  I was told to wait for a call telling me when my papers would be ready. I have found that the 2 hardest times when learning a foreign language is:
#1 Talking on the phone 
 #2 Talking to government officials.
And doing these at the same time?  Eek!  No thanks! 

 I waited and waited and finally decided to head to the government office to see what I needed to do.  When it was finally my turn in line, (after the large, scary looking man visited with the government official, surrounded by the police, who then blocked the door so he couldn't leave and asked him when he's leaving the island)  the lady smiled at me.  Smiled?  At me?  That was a first!  Then she told me that my file is closed.  Closed?  Pardon?  I was a little worried I would have to start this process all over again!  I think she saw my worry and told me that I have finished everything and my 1-year card is being made!  Yippee!  Good news!

So, for now I'm waiting again.  Waiting for that phone french!


  1. I pray it all works out for you! It can be scary dealing with government officials in another land and in another language for sure. God bless. xx

  2. Praise God!!! More answered prayers!!!

  3. Oh, I soooo agree...talking on the phone is the worst! I got your email (thank you!! :) ) and will write soon...we were gone all last week working on my visa. I'm waiting for an update on the immigration website telling me to go back in. :) Better than the phone :)
    Glad you're almost finished!