Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Talents of my Mother

I have posted before about needing my Moms advice while quilting.  It's so fun being able to pick up the phone and say, "Mom, what do you think about this idea?" or "How do I fix this problem?"  or even to say, "Are you jealous?  I'm sewing!"

Well, this year for Christmas I received a very beautiful gift from her.  A quilt for my bed!  Made by my Mom!  I absolutely love it!  

I washed it for the first time the other day (Micah had a small incident, and before I  knew it he decided to roll over in the middle of a diaper change and it became a HUGE incident.  All over my new quilt.  You'd think I would know better!).  I love how homemade quilts "crinkle" when you wash them!  Do you notice my Micah's crib still next to our bed.  Hhhmmm.  I usually have my babies out of our room much quicker than this.  But, there just isn't a place to put him in the kiddos room.  So, he gets to bunk with us a while longer.  See the quilt hanging from his bed? Yup, made by my Mom, too! 

Not only did she make me a gorgeous quilt for Christmas, but she made one for each of my sisters too!

Aren't they gorgeous?  Although, I think mine is the best! :o)


  1. Those are gorgeous quilts. What a lovely treasure from your mom. Have a great day!

  2. Yours is the best?!?!?! . . . ya right! That second from the bottom is awesome!!! It is so cuddly! She did do a wonderful job on them didn't she?? :) She is so talented! Love you Mom!

  3. How lovely. Your mother is a terrific quilter. I do like yours best as I'm a big fan of blue ;-)

  4. awww you are so sweet Kami. I am so happy you like the quilt. and I too love the crinkly look. I loved making the quilts. They were all stitched with love.

    Glad you like yours too Tay. :-)

  5. They're all beautiful! Your mom is a talented lady!