Monday, February 4, 2013

Gluten-Free Blonde Brownies

When Joshua and Elisabeth returned from Florida, they told me all about the Blonde Brownies Elisabeth made with her friend Baeleigh.  My friend, Kelly, (Baeleigh's Mom) is an amazing cook, so I knew she had an amazing recipe.  She was so sweet to share it with me (and give me permission to share it with you!)  My mind started wondering how it would taste gluten free.  I've come up with an all-purpose GF flour that works well in some of my recipes, so I decided to give it  a try.   (I'll put the recipe for the GF all-purpose flour at the end of the post)
 The result?  Super chewy, sweet, yummy blond brownies!  My Josh describes them as a super thick chocolate chip cookie.  We loved them!

I followed the recipe exactly, but substituted the flour for GF flour.  Thanks for sharing Kelly!  They were so delicious!

Yummy-in-my-tummy GF Flour

I have a big container where I mix up my flour and store it in there for future use.
Here's the ratio (Although I do this in huge batches)

1 cup Rice Flour
1 cup Corn Starch
1 cup Fine White Corn Flour (we've tried the extra fine yellow corn flour and that works good too)
1 teaspoon Xantham Gum

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