Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Candy Rocks" Family Fun Night

We had a great time for last Friday's Family Fun Night!  During our dinner (Taco Soup with all the yummy toppings!) I started with my "story" 

 "Have you heard that there is an asteroid that is passing very close to earth?"
  I heard an "Oh really?" between bites of soupy-goodness. 
 "Yes, it's passing so close that some of the rocks are falling off of it and it can be quite dangerous as the rocks hit the earth!"   
Then, followed by some more enthusiastic and maybe slightly worried "Oh-really"s
and a funny look from my husband.
"I think I even heard some hitting our yard today!  Maybe we should look for them after dinner!"

 So off we headed to the yard in search for asteroid rocks. We found a Callie-Size Rock

 A Silas-Size Rock

And a bigger rock for the rest of us to share.

 Callie and Silas were first to open their rocks and feasted on the candy and bubble gum they found inside.
For the rest of us we made it into a little game.  Sitting in a circle one person is chosen to begin unwrapping the rock.  Any candy that falls out, they keep. Meanwhile, the person to their left is furiously rolling 2 dice trying to get doubles.  When they roll doubles, the rock is passed to them to unwrap while the next person tries to roll doubles.  Round and round the rock goes.  Such fun!

Here's how I made our Candy Rocks:

I picked up from the store individually wrapped candy.  The more the merrier!  Then, I wrapped the grand prize (for us it was a Twix bar) in the middle in aluminum foil.

  Then, using plastic wrap, I began wrapping it around the foil Twix bar, adding gum and chocolate along the way.  Then, I switched back to aluminum foil, working loosely so the "rock" would get big.

And here's our 3 "Candy Rocks"  We had so much fun!


  1. You make a fun mama! The kids are so engaged looking for those asteroids! ;-)

  2. Great Idea!!! I'm going to copy you and do the same thing. :-)

  3. That is a great idea. It would work great for a church group. Looks like lots of fun!

  4. What a super fun idea! I agree, it would be neat for a church group too!

  5. What a creative idea, Kami!

    You sure are making fun memories with your family. :)

  6. You are so creative, Kami! So fun!!!