Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A New Addition....Huckleberry

I mentioned a few posts ago that there have been a bunch of changes to Storybook Farms.  Well, the one I want to share with you today is my favorite change!  I've been asking Patrick for a while for a new buck.  I'm just not ready to give up on the idea of having a little herd of goats.  I want to be able to have fresh goat's milk for cheese, butter, soaps and fudge!  But, if you've followed this blog, you've seen we've not been very successful.  We've had some learning bumps along the way.  Our last goat we lost was favorite.  It was sad.  And we thought we needed to give up.  But, we still have Jenna and Trixie.  And they are as healthy as ever!  They just need a husband! :o) 

So, after a little convincing and lots of praying, we decided to get another buck!  I knew I wanted a nubian.  I knew I wanted him to be sweet.  And I knew I wanted him to have brown coloring in him.  When I saw someone post this guy for sale, I knew he was the one!  And my sweet husband bought him for me!! We named him Huckleberry.

 He's three months old and already pretty tall!  He was a bottle baby, so he loves loves loves attention!  He's very sweet!!!

 Liberty loves all the animals.  It's so cute to see her watch them.

Of course Silas, my goat lover, loves Huckleberry.  And huckleberry loves him.

 He's acclimating well to Storybook Farms.  Or at least he's trying to.  Jenna is pretty bossy with him and very protective of all food in the paddock.  Poor Guy.  We've been taking him out for his own time of feeding.  After a week, Jenna and Trixie are tolerating him better and they seem to be getting along pretty good.  No romantic interest yet. ;o)  Maybe this summer!

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