Sunday, April 14, 2019

Micah turns 7!

My sweet Micah just turned 7.  How is my baby 7!! It seems like I was just compiling his 1 year photos!
Brenna took some photos of him.  As usual, his cuteness shined through as well as Brenna's talents!

This little dimpled boy is a charmer.  He is so sweet!  One twinkle of his eyes and he's got me!

As Silas puts it, he's a thinker!  He likes to figure things out.  He loves to watch people working with tools.  If Patrick has a project, Micah is right there.  He loves to be outside and working and playing!

He's working at reading through the book of John all by himself. (with me by his side to help sound out words)  He's doing great!  His goal is to read through the book by the end of the year.  I think that's awesome for a 1st grader!

He's doing good in school, but he's my distracted one.  He likes to think on other things or comes to tell me stories.  It's my goal for him to keep on track everyday.  Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don't.  But, he's learning.  And so am I. :o)

He can be our silly one.  He can make crazy faces and make us smile so easily!

So thankful for this rambunctious, full of life son that God has given to us.  He knew we needed our Micah Reuben!

Micah feeds Peaches everyday.  He loves his dog!  And Peaches loves him.  I love how she watches over the kids and protects them.

Happy Birthday my Micah!  We sure do love you!!


  1. Happy Birthday to dear Silas. He is a cutie and I can see he blesses your family so much.

  2. Happy Birthday Silas!

  3. What a handsome guy! That color looks good on him.