Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Our 2nd Man

Each day it becomes more and more abundantly clear that God makes no mistakes!  When Joshua felt God leading him to come home from Bible college to help us start VSIBC, God knew!  God knew how much we all needed him.  The people of VSIBC needed him.  The Pastor of our church (my sweet hubby) needed him. The people from the communities around High Springs needed him.  I tell you, God knows what he's doing!

The 2nd man is a term used for an Assistant to the Pastor.  That's what our Joshua is.  He is on call 24-7.  Really.  He selflessly works in the ministry and does things that no one else may ever see.  Like picking up trash from the side of the road that was blown in front of the church.  He does this not for recognition, or to be paid (because he draws no salary from the church), He does it for the Lord!

His heart's desire is to be a full time staff member.  One day that will happen and that is a goal of our church for VSIBC.  He continues to be the manager of ACE hardware.  He is so ministry minded that sometimes Patrick has to remind him to step away for a moment!  And the really neat thing is that Tabitha is right there with him...supporting him, sharing ideas, giving lots of encouragement.  I know most churches would love to have a couple like this working in the ministry.  So thankful for Joshua and Tabitha and the way they serve the Lord!  God knew!


  1. Praise God for your 2nd man and his dear wife. The Lord God is preparing them and using them for his glory. Amen.

  2. That is so awesome!! God is so good!!