Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Easter at VSIBC

I love Easter at our church.  There's so much excitement!  For the past 6 weeks in Sunday School we had been learning the Easter story.  We've been building up to this Sunday to teach on the Resurrection of Jesus!

My sweet husband preached on "Lessons learned from the Resurrection."    Love my preacher/hubby!

We had a packed house with 90 in attendance!  We need our new building!!  (Our auditorium seats's always great to bring out chairs!)  I also love all the ages I see in this building...young, old, in between...all are welcome at VSIBC! 

This cute little head poking out from behind the piano has so much talent!  I love to hear Brenna play!!

Then, it was egg hunt time!

Liberty was so adorable!! She would pick up an egg, look inside, then show everyone what she found.  She definitely wasn't in any hurry!

A family of 3 for only a few more weeks!

Sunday mornings are busy for our family.  Easter Sundays??? They are super busy!!  This year I didn't get a family photo.  :o(

This is Micah and Carter's 5th year to do the egg hunt together.  These 2 buddies are growing up into fine young men!

Happy Easter everyone!