Monday, April 15, 2019

Micah's Day

We love birthdays around here!  If possible, everything is put on hold and the birthday person plans the day.  Micah had some wonderful plans for his day!  Of course, it started with getting breakfast with his Daddy and then coming home and opening presents.

At Christmas Micah asked for a red wagon.  We thought it was a little strange for a six year old to want a wagon.  For his birthday he asked for it again.  He said he wanted to carry things around in the yard and to help out.  We thought about it and decided to get it for him.

When he saw the wagon he was so excited!  We did good! ;o)

For lunch he wanted us to pack a hot dog lunch and head into the woods for a picnic.  His wagon was very handy for that!

It was gorgeous weather for a picnic!

On the way back we gave him a little ride. :o)

Then, it was off to the park to play on the playground!

Then, we played, played, played all day!  By days end we enjoyed some burgers and then some cake.  He requested a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and crushed reeses.  It was so yummy!

Happy Birthday to my sweet seven year old.   Life sure is wonderful in this family. Micah brings lots of laughter and adventure!  Love this boy of mine!

And what better way to end the day than on your dirtbike. Again. :o)