Saturday, January 16, 2021

A Birthday Dinner Out

Going out to eat when you have a large family doesn't happen very often.  But, the good thing about that is that when we do go out together we get so excited!!  We talk about what we will order, we look ahead at the menu, we plan our outfits (at least us girls do!)  We just have a great time!!

Since Marc's birthday (Patrick's brother) was coming up, and we were given giftcards for Christmas, we thought this was the perfect time!

It was a busy Friday night so they split up the girls table and the boys table.  But, that's okay.   The girls table had the most fun anyway! ;o)

Happy Birthday Marc!

Micah was excited to get the kid's ribs.  So good!

Liberty and Freedom did amazing.   I know I'm their Grandma and all, but they really are great, well-behaved little girls.  Josh and Tabitha do such a wonderful job as parents.

What a great time we had out together as a family!


  1. A very Happy Birthday to Mark! It was lovely that the entire family got to go out and celebrate with him. Those ribs look so delicious.

  2. Well behaved kids in a restaurant and church is always great. We know they have off days but it is a blessing when there are more on days than off.

    Girls having more fun is a given!