Saturday, January 2, 2021

Saucer plates for coffee cups??

 I have enjoyed getting my home back in order after putting Christmas away. I love all the holiday decorations.  And I LOVED our beautiful tree this year.  But, it never fails, December 26th hits and I'm done!  I'm ready for a home with more order. 

This past year I've been researching out a more minimalist lifestyle.  I've watched a few youtube videos and read some books, and I'm convinced that most of us just have too much to manage.  Stuff clutters our homes and our minds making those moments with our family harder to come by. 

 Instead of enjoying a cup of tea on the front porch while my child tells me about their latest science experiment, I feel the need to do a load of laundry or empty the dishwasher.  Instead of playing a board game with my almost teenager, I tell him maybe later because if I don't clean out that closet, I won't have peace.  Ever feel that way?  Ever look around your home and feel overwhelmed because you don't know where to begin?  

Being a wife to a Pastor, and a Mom to 6 children, with 3 still homeschooling, life is busy!  I didn't need stuff taking up too much of my time.  So, about a year ago we began minimalizing.  I have to say, I've enjoyed it!  Taking bags to the thrift store with stuff we don't need has been so satisfying and made our home so peaceful.

So, as we've put away Christmas I felt the need to re-examine a few cabinets.  If we hadn't used it in 2020, do we really need it?  Nope. Probably not.  That's when I came across these saucers for our dishes set.  Does anybody really use a saucer for their coffee cups??  I have my beautiful collection of teacups and saucers in my china cabinet that I use for tea parties, which we seem to be having more and more of.  I love it!  But, saucers for coffee??

 I almost put them back in the cabinet so I could keep the set together.  But, then thought, why?  Wouldn't I rather have a little bit more space in my cabinet and everything have it's perfect home?  So, we said bye bye to the coffee saucers.  Feels pretty good I have to say!!

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  1. I don't know where you get all your energy. I too took down the decorations because I need to work on detail projects and I don't want excess stuff around me no matter how pretty. But I haven't yet put away the decorations since the storage room is small and things need to be moved to get at the boxes. It is taking me days to get back into a routine but am moving forward. I am also decluttering and have given away a lot but have a lot more to do. A very Happy New Year to you.