Thursday, January 21, 2021

Some time together

After my sweetie's birthday breakfast, he and I headed out for a few days together.  Our church family is so sweet and attentive to us.  For Patrick's birthday they gave him extra money for us to have a little getaway, just the two of us. 

We had a hard time figuring out where to go.  We wanted quiet, peacefulness and relaxation.  We found a great Airbnb that had all of that plus a canoe available for use.  The lake house was perfect!  The only problem is that it was only one town over.  In fact, some of the VSIBC members even live in that town!  So, we didn't really get out of town, but the getaway was perfect!!

Patrick fished and fished, and I read and read.  We talked bunches, laughed plenty and just renewed some time together as a couple.

The lakehouse was beautiful with so many changing views!  The neighbors even had two dogs that seem to have the run of the lake.  They were so cute!  Everytime we would get in the canoe, one of the dogs would jump in the water and swim, following us all around.  It was adorable. If you ever get to the Branford area, I highly recommend Papa Joe's place.

The couple of days away was perfect.  So thankful for a great husband.  So very thankful that we love being together.  It was really a great birthday for him! 


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  1. So glad you could spend some time together. The place looks amazing!