Monday, January 4, 2021

Off to a running start!

2021 is here and we are off to a running start!  So much to do, so much to create, so many memories to be made!  Anyone else so excited about the year ahead? 

I thought I would give you a glimpse into the last few days.

We've been enjoying all of our Christmas presents.  Micah loved his gummy worm.  It was huge!  He even shared some.  Way to go Micah!

We unveiled the theme for 2021 at VSIBC.  This year it is "That all the earth may know" taken from 1 Samuel 17:26.  I decided to do lots of silver and blues to coordinate with the posters Joshua designed.  It was fun putting it all together one Sunday afternoon.  

The kids enjoyed a fun ride in Todd's temporary wheels.  They had so much fun! They think we need a convertible now.  Or they think we should just cut the top off of our car!

Micah had his check up at the Pulmonoligist.  Praise the Lord his ashtma is under control!

Silas got a carving set for Christmas.  He's been working on whittling a bear.  It is so adorable and he has been so diligent!  I love it!

One of my goals this year is to memorize more scripture as a family.  For January I chose Psalm 31:19.  I had fun using my cricut to make a little sign for our table. 

This  year is off to a wonderful start!  


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  1. So glad Micah's asthma is under control. I'm also glad that Silas is now wearing gloves for whittling. I wouldn't want to see blood on that cute bear.