Saturday, April 24, 2021

"P" Family Fun NIght

I mentioned a couple of months ago about our stars program that we do for our kiddos schooling.  We have a chart where we can put up a star for every A they make on a quiz or test.  When they reach 50 stars they get to pick from one of 3 letters that I give them.  Then, we do something that pertains to that letter. Well, they reached 50 stars again!  Callie, since she had the most stars, chose 'P'.  We had a great P night!!

We decided to make homemade pizzas.  Micah made a dessert pizza he thought of.  It has rice krispy treats as the crust.  Then I mixed cream cheese, sugar and vanilla.  This was the sauce.  Then, he topped it with strawberries and chocolate.  Wow!!! It was so good!!

Silas created a honey-mustard chicken pizza.  It was amazing, too!!!

It was fun creating in the kitchen together!

Patrick decided to recreate the PBJ pizza he made in Canada.  This time he made it with jelly instead of fresh fruit.  It was good.  I think.

Then, we finished off the night with Pictionary AIR.  It's a game that we bought Micah for his birthday.  It's pretty cool!  It works with your TV and the lines you draw show up on the TV so you can interact with them.  It's fun!

I'm proud of my kiddos.  It's been a different sort of school year.  We didn't start until the beginning of October this year because books were on back order because of so many students homeschooling this year.  So, they have been working hard to catch up.  It looks like we should be done the middle of June.  So thankful for being able to school my kids from home.  I'm enjoying this time, because I know before long we will be filling out college applications!  It goes that quick.


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