Friday, July 23, 2021

Lots of wedding planning underway!

We've had lots of wedding planning underway in the Gimenez household!  It has been so exciting.  First, a date has been set.  We talked with AJ and Brenna from the beginning and prefer a longer courtship and a shorter engagement.  They took that conversation to heart and set the date for a little over 2 months away!  Okay then!  So, we are hitting the ground running and are getting everything in order!

First we met up at a cute new french bakery.  We planned and planned and got the basics laid out.  

Then, Brenna asked Beth to be her Maid of Honor

And asked Tabitha to be one of her bridesmaids.

Later on Brenna asked Callie and two other of her friends to be bridesmaids as well.

Then, AJ and Brenna registered on Amazon.  It was so sweet to watch.  They picked out things they knew the other would like and really put thought into what to register for.  I love to see how they love each other.  It makes this Momma's heart happy.

You can tell there is a lot of talk of wedding lately, because guess what Liberty and Freedom like to play when they come over?  So fun!

I've kept my mind on planning and making sure things are very organzied and orderly so we don't have a stressed bride.  It's all coming together and it's amazing to see how God is providing!  I guess it's been easy to keep my mind on the planning side so I don't have to think about the day after the wedding when my Brenna will no longer live in our home.  But, some days my mind reverts to those days ahead.  There have been just a few tears.  Yesterday Brenna was going over her checklist and she said they need to go ahead and set a date of when to get the marriage license.  That just made it a little more final in my brain.  Then, there were more tears!


  1. So much excitement in the planning. I think it's wise to have a longer courtship period and a shorter planning for the wedding period. I love the way Brenna asked her sister to be Maid of Honour. I can't wait to see the wedding day :-) God bless you all as you plan.

  2. Will the wedding be filmed for all to watch? I cannot wait until then!

    1. Yes! We will livestream it to Youtube on our church's youtuve channel, Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church