Friday, November 26, 2021

A Visit to Brenna's

Brenna and AJ are all moved in and settling great in their camper.  As they are preparing to build on their property, they have parked their camper at a quiet, out in the country, campground.  So, us girls went out to visit her.  I am loving stopping by my girls home.  She has made it a restful haven for her and her hubby. 

Of course, she baked us some homemade cookies that were so yummy and homemade hot cocoa, too!

She has her camper so cute!

Halfway through eating cookies, Liberty jumped up and said, "Brenna you have a door just like me in my house!!!"  She was so excited!

 Such sweet memories.  I miss her like crazy, but she is so happy!


  1. How nice that all your girls went over to visit the Mrs. The trailer is very cosy looking and is spacious enough for all her visitors. Awesome.

  2. Sounds funny saying “just the girls” and then to count that there is 7 of you. 😂 Good for Brenna too. My husband and I worked super hard in our twenties to be debt free, many times having much less on the surface than our peers. But it has made our thirties, and hopefully beyond, so much easier and peaceful. (I am 33 with six kids)

    1. 6! It's such a good number, isn't it!?! 😊😊😊