Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gold Head Branch State Park

I just love travelling to Florida State Parks.  And when we go as a family it's even better!!

I am so glad we were able to visit Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park.  wow!  That's a mouthful!
Florida is pretty flat, so any time there is a change in elevation, we are amazed.  (which is why we usually try to vacation in the mountains.)  This park has a canyon with steps that lead down to the creek.  It was quite a ways down!  
It says there should be a temperature change to cooler as you head down.  But, on this day, it was pretty hot!  We really didn't feel any coolness.
Once we reached the bottom we could see a clear creek, which is quite unusual for Florida.  It was so pretty!

Then, we went on the hike through the woods.  It was a pretty boardwalk for part of the time.

We explored, and walked, and sweat.  It was so fun!!

Then, we saw a really cool sign about how their used to be a baptist church here that started in 1876.  The members would walk long distance to come to church whether it was hot, rainy or cold.  Now, that's dedication.  It was a good reminder for us as we walked, of our many, many blessings.

As we almost made it back to the car, we learned another lesson.  You don't touch a cactus plant.  You just don't.

We had such a great time as a family.  I'm thankful for great state parks, with interesting history, that we can explore together!

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