Thursday, March 10, 2022

100 Stars and Alligator Heaven!

In Homeschooling you have to be creative.  It's easy this time of year to be stuck in a rut.  We usually have fallen a little behind by this time and feel like the summer will never arrive.  I always try to have some incentives along the way and rewards for diligence.  It makes the last half of the school year have more purpose and keeps my kiddos driven to finish well.

This year we have been earning stars.  I have a chart on the wall where they can see our progress.  We earn stars for starting on time, for A's on tests and for 100% on quizzes.  Once we reach 100 we have a special prize.  This past time it was to go back to Fanning Springs.

We decided to first go for a little hike through the park.  The kiddos said it looked like alligator heaven!  It was very swampy, that's for sure!

On the other side of the park is beautiful boardwalks.  It led on the other side of the spring and towards the Suwanee River.  So many things to see!

Yup, they are as tall as me now!

Then we had a little of my favorite things to do!

 And then we swam!  I'll be was cold outside and I was fighting having enough courage to just get in!  The spring water stays a consistent 72.  So, it took me a looooong time to actually get in.  But, once I did it was so fun to swim around with my kiddos.  We had such a good time!  And we enjoyed the Florida beauty all around us.

So proud of my children and how hard they've been working!


  1. We love state parks too. We homeschool year round to avoid that burn out, but take like 6 weeks off in the summer and do “summer school” for about an hour a day to have structure. During the summer time, we listen to read aloud for longer and work on things like painting, knitting, woodwork, etc. We don’t do tests (all of our current homeschooled kids have special needs), but mine earn points for effort and attitude. Every two weeks, they cash in those points for a certain amount of toppings on their ice cream. When they are tempted to grump, I remind them “is that really worth losing chocolate syrup?”

    I’ve been enjoying the current study you’ve been posting as well. Thank you.

    1. I love these ideas!!! I love the time in summer for the kids to do fun projects too. Sometimes during the schoolyear that kind of thing doesn't happen as much. But, there is so much learning to be done in everyday projects!
      I love the idea of buying toppings. :o) How cute! And something my kiddos would really work for, too!

  2. It's always good to have motivational activities by offering kids rewards. It sounds like your idea was perfect.