Monday, March 28, 2022

Christmas and March?

With the passing of my Mam-maw in January, things have been rearranged slightly.  One of them was Christmas with my parents.  The first time it worked for them to come for a visit was last week. So, we put up a tree real quick and celebrated!  It's never too late!

My parents always shower us with so many gifts.  They are so good to us!

They even created a cavenger hunt for the men in our family.  At the end was a frozen water bottle with a 50 dollar bill in it.  My Mom is always so creative!

The next day was my Beth's 24th birthday!  So glad thye could be here to celebrate with us!
Such a beautiful lady with a heart for the Lord!

Beth wanted to get burgers at Bev's drive thru and take them to the park.  It was the perfect weather for it !  So fun!

Then, we ended the evening with pizza and a murder mystery game. It was fun and family time is always so precious!

 Love you Mom and Dad!  Come back soon!!

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