Friday, March 25, 2022

Lingering over tea with the birthday ladies

Our church is growing.  It's amazing and exciting!  There have been a few adjustments we've needed to make in the process.  I'm finding it harder and harder to have plenty of individual, or smaller group time with the ladies of our church.  I love getting to know these precious sister friends that God has called me to!! 

So, I decided to start to have a "Birthday Luncheon" every quarter.   We had our first one and it turned out great!  The ladies that have a birthday in that quarter are given an invitation to tea. For the first quarter we have the smallest amount of birthdays, so 4 ladies were invited.  Tabitha and I loved hosting them!

We made homemade gifts for the birthday ladies.  Tabitha made them homemade lemon cookies.  Wow, they were good!!  I crocheted dishcloths for each of them, and, of course, we gave them chocolate. 

We prepared turkey cranberry sandwiches with smoked provolone, cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad, loaded baked potato salad, fruit tarts and angel food cupcakes.  Pretty food, that's for sure!

We also had fresh fruit and whipped cream along with teapots of hot water for making tea, and iced strawberry tea.

It was so nice to sit, chat, and linger over goodies and cups of tea.  I tell ya....VSIBC has the sweetest ladies ever!!



  1. What a sweet idea! You are an inspiration to me as a pastor's wife.

  2. Everything looks fantastic. You and Tabitha did a great job and I love how you really reach out and make time to develop relationships with the women of the church.