Tuesday, March 22, 2022

They needed me!

Things are moving along with Josh and Tabitha getting into a home of their own.   The camper that they live in has gotten smaller and smaller as their family has grown bigger and bigger.  It's exciting!  It's been so exciting watching God open doors for them.  They are so close to being homeowners, and with Patriot's arrival less than 2 months away, it's time!

Patrick and I deeded them an acre of our land.  It's a smart Mommas way of keeping her kiddos near. ;o) Actually, the Lord has shown us that this was His will, and I'm so excited about that!!   Patrick and Josh went to the Clerk's Office to fill out the paperwork.  We joked that maybe I should come since my name is on the deed.  A few weeks later we got a notice that indeed I did need to sign, too! I had fun with that! 

It's so excited watching God provide in the life of your children!


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