Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another update from Patrick

Update on search for a house...

Well, the house that we had a lead on and really fell in love with is now out of the running. The owner emailed back and said that he wanted 5,000 Euros per month ($7,000 U.S.) plus we would pay for the electricity and all repairs. The house was in very bad shape and the electricity didn't work through out the house. He also explained to me that the electricity would go off in heavy rain. I am still in shock that he wants this amount of money per month!

I traveled around the island today and stopped and asked different people about places to rent. Several people took my phone number and said they would look around for me. One lady had a place to rent but it would not be available for several months.

I did look at a 2 bedroom house this evening that is being renovated. We could make it work but it would be a tight fit for 5 of our children in one bedroom. The price is 2,000 Euros per month ($2,800 U.S.). We would be responsible for electricity and water if the cistern runs dry. The location is not the best and I am told in heavy rains, the road floods and we would need a boat. (I think he was kidding about the boat! least I hope....)

Please be in fervent prayer for us about this matter. This is a heavy burden on our hearts.

The good thing is that I have had a lot of practice using my French today and everyone I talked to said my French was excellent. It gave me a boost of confidence although I still have a ways to go in being able to understand their Patois and Creole!


  1. $7000.00 U.S. dollars. Are you kidding? That seemed to be a typo but I know from listening to other missionaries it simply so expensive to be on the field. You have my prayers. God bless,

  2. That is a ridiculous price! Praying for your husband as he searches for a home.