Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So, What's the Plan?

I've been meaning to write a post on our plan, since our housing situation didn't exactly happen the way we thought it would. God lets things come into our life, just when we need them, doesn't He? I haven't exactly had the time to worry and wonder why things aren't the way that I thought they should be. Instead, we've been dealing with a good dose of sickness in our family. The Sunday Night before Patrick came home, Elisabeth came home from church not feeling so great. I took her temp and it was 104.2. Yikes! By Monday morning every-single-one of my kiddos had high fevers and felt horrible. We had just about every symptom in the book, fever, nausea, coughing, soar throat, vomiting, head ache, body ache, joint ache, extreme fatigue...Did I leave anything out? It was absolutely horrible. I only had it Tuesday-Thursday, then I felt better, but everyone else has had it a little more long term. Even Patrick. Poor Baby. What a welcome home! Sunday I took all 5 kiddos to the doctor. I explained to the nurse that either we make 2 appointments, and I bring all 5 kiddos with me, or we just go ahead and make 5 appointments. (Our doctor's office has a policy of no more than 2 appointments in one family at a time) She made us all 5. Our diagnosis-everyone has a lower lung infection. Josh is the worse with Pneumonia. So, we went home with strong antibiotics and went back to bed. Patrick went to the doctor Monday and has a lung and sinus infection. Just like my husband to step it up a notch! :o)
So, instead of worrying and wondering, I've been doctoring and nursing the sick. Boy, am I pooped!

Our plan for now, after getting well of course, is this...Patrick is planning on calling every church we've been to that doesn't support us, try to personally speak with the pastor, tell him our situation, and try to raise the rest of our support. We're going to travel to as many churches as possible, to ones we've been to before, and to new ones, also. Please pray we can raise the rest of our support. We're praying for 10 more churches to take us on. Patrick and maybe even Joshua, are going to return to St. Barths in the middle of April and start house hunting again. It seems everything is pointing towards April for us to try and find a home. We're also praying the rest of our french paperwork will come in. It's sitting on the Magistrates desk now, just waiting for his signature!

So, our housing situation didn't exactly turn out the way we thought. Monday night, when I realized Patrick would be getting on a plane the next morning with no keys to a place for us, I began to worry. Then I heard a song that I have on my blog. "Is Anything too Hard for God?" God will provide us a place to live on the island He has called us too. I'm trusting in His timing. Patrick accomplished so much while he was there. He was able to witness and share the gospel with 4 precious people while he was there! It was so exciting! We learned more about laws and regulations concerning our move. We learned more about our needs for a car and what we need to look for. Patrick researched prices on different grocery items and we figured our some things that need to put in our container. So, was his trip in vain? Definitely not! It was a great trip that God had planned for Patrick to take. He planted many seeds and soon we will see the fruit of that trip. There is a reason for us still being here, and not in full fledged packing mode. God knows best, and before I realize it, I'll be in the place that God has called our family to.


  1. we continue to pray for y'all :)

  2. Praying for you guys!!! April sounds fine to me! ;) Love you sis!