Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Her look has changed a little

When we first arrived in florida, I took Elisabeth to the Pediatrician for her Sinus problems. She ,was then referred to an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor, who then referred us to an Orthodontist. She has very narrow nasal passages, and the doctors wanted to widen her palate and put on braces. So, after much other work and appliances in her mouth, it was finally the day to get on her actualy braces. She was a little nervous, but just like her other appointments, she did very well. I'm so proud of her! She looks so beautiful!


  1. So beautiful. I felt like braces was one of the greatest thing I could do for my daughters. They have beautiful smiles and it gives them confidence.

    Praying with you as your husband leaves to find houseing for you and you take the next step in your missionary life.

  2. Beautiful Smile.
    Love you Elisabeth.

  3. When I looked on the blog, my first impressions were, "Wow, she is so beautiful." I love you Beth, you have been such a wonderful trooper through all of this. Can't wait to see you when I back.
    Love Daddy

  4. she is beautiful. I have known it all along, but this picture just shows it even more so :)